The world of Terra is one of conflict, and constant change.

Whether through the hands of gods, or those of mortals, the world has changed over and over. The many inhabitants have learned to live with these changes, which vary greatly in nature from the creation of new races, to the discovery of entire new continents.

The world was created thousands of years ago by the twin gods, Nyx and Lumia. Before that, the world was nothing, just blank empty space in the material plane. The gods lay in the immaterium, dormant. But one day, Lumia got bored. She wove the nothingness into a vast planet, placing life on it’s surface and sculpting the land to her desires. Nyx saw what she was doing, and was intrigued. He took part in the project too, but his ideas were rather different to his sister’s. He was more interested in the inanimate than the life on the planet, his fascination in the things that don’t live, but last forever. He etched stone and ore, mountains and ravines. But he never created life, at least not in the way Lumia did. He made autonomous creatures, golems and titans, that loomed over the living inhabitants, but they were never truly sentient, only obeying his orders. Dissatisfied with his creations, he retreated from the world, and convinced Lumia to leave too. Their job was done, now to watch what happens next.

The lore is split into multiple pages:
- Worldscape
- Races
- Magic
- Gods


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