Gnomes are a race often very underestimated, but their strength lies in their capability to have a strong resistance to all known forms of magic. To psychics, they appear as a void, and magical effects don’t affect them unless they are of an incredible intensity. Gnomes are still curiously able to learn magic, it simply won’t affect their own bodies.

As for a gnome’s physiology, they stand around 3ft tall, and their skin appears to be similar to humans who live in the south of the world, with occasional gnomes having fairer skin.

They live in groups in the desert, where they often form trading caravans. A gnome is built for travel, being so compact, and so most gnomes live their entire lives on the road, never settling down.

Gnomes do not have particularly advanced technology themselves, although they adore the creations of the humans and dwarves. Their preferred technology is that related to flying machines, which gnomes seem to have in incredible affinity for. Whenever given the opportunity to fly, a gnome will grasp it with both hands.


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