Usually considered the most brutish of the sentient races, the ogres a mixed bunch, but have definitely made their mark on Terra. They usually adopt a savage and violent lifestyle, however they do seem to follow their own sense of honor. Each clan is run

Ogres are a strangely varied species, with their only two shared traits being their above-average height and their incredible reproductive capabilities. Through sexual intercourse they can produce hundreds of babies in a litter, which are born minuscule, but quickly grow to an enormous size.

Due to this, the ogres have quickly spread across the world, and many of the places once happily inhabited by the more peaceful races have been taken over by the Ogres. The humans were probably the worst affected, and ogres were the main cause of humanity creating their great fortress cities.

Ogres can usually be distinguished into 3 different main types:

-The Pygmy Ogres, who are usually around 8ft tall and have ash white skin. They are considered the most friendly of the ogres, and are certainly the most intelligent on average.
Some of these ogres even integrate into other races societies, if the prejudice against them isn’t too strong.

-Giant Ogres are the most common of ogres, and stand about 15ft tall. They have a darker gray skin, and are very violent by nature. Raiding is their lifestyle, and they don’t have the intelligence to change that.

-Goliath Ogres are the rarest of the ogres. They have intelligence roughly on par with the Giant Ogres, but lack their violent nature. They usually live alone quietly and peacefully. This is a good thing, because they can stand at up to 30ft tall. Their skin is a dark gray, and they often wear sheepskins.


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