In the world of Terra, there are thousands upon thousands of species of life, ranging from the smallest of ants to ancient goliaths that tower over cities.

Some of the more common or well recognised races include the Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Ogres and Elves. Non sentient animals are also plentiful, fields full of wild rabbits, horses and boars as well as forests inhabited by birds, bears and bees. Many are domesticated by the various sentient races, and many breeds live solely in captivity.

Other, more obscure races also exist, as well as Fae. The fae are a good example of neutral creatures, not under control of either Lumia or Nyx, although some other fae hold alignments to either side, just like gods.

Another notable race is the Goliaths, which are a titanic species of animal, some sentient and some not. They tower over all other species, and they vary as much as the land they look like. Most resemble mountains with legs, or chunks of rock. However, they are very rare.

In the secluded corners of the world, where civilisation hasn’t breached the dark woods and swamps, some say eldritch abominations lurk. Accounts vary massively, but all have one consistent factor: They are extremely hostile. Creatures such as Suptilii and the Tall Ones are common tales.


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