Suptilii are a race of secretive, elven creatures that live deep inside the pinewoods, secluded in the northern corners of the world. Because of their isolated habitat, not many have happened upon these creatures, and even less have lived long enough to give a detailed account of what they encountered.

Generally, a Suptilis is depicted as some sick parody of the snow elves, with elongated and snow white limbs. A skeleton thin body, barely able to support the weight of the limbs, is topped with a nightmarish face. Eyes ,dark and empty, are rimmed by dark and dry skin, staring out from their sunken position in the face. A wide mouth containing rows upon rows of horrific, needle-like teeth is stuck in a perpetual grin, giving all Suptilii a sinister and disturbed look.

All encounters with them have ended badly, because the creatures seem to have no intention to be friendly, and attack other races on sight. Thankfully, they stay within the dark woods in which they seem to be at home in. Suptilii seem to be at least moderately civilised, wearing crude clothing and sometimes wielding basic weaponry such as flint spears and hand axes. They seem to make their homes in the caves that pepper the snowy region’s mountainous landscape, but no dwellings have been recorded outside of these cave homes.

Most of civilisation knows very little about these beings, including how they came to be. Were they created by Lumia? Why would she create such grim creatures? Are they a failed attempt of Nyx’s? These are the questions whispered by the townsfolk who warily watch the treeline every night, waiting for an attack from these mysterious souls.


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